emily-strange: I love,love,love your blog sooo much! You made me smile and love the boys even more. And I love how you always answer to your readers so nice. You really deserve to meet the boys, girl. I hope you will one day. ( sorry for the mistakes I probably made, I'm german :) )

OMG, thank you so much! That made me smile, i’m so glad you like my answers.. I really don’t like them by myself. I want to say more nicer things to you guys because you are all so adorable and you mean so much to me! I just love you all guys! And I hope one day you will meet them too! :) 

bio-phile: How are you so awesome? I mean, legitimately. I try and write imagines (and fail) and you are just... awesome. Sorry. Had to comment.

I don’t understand it. You are good, youre better than me. If there is someone who is awesome here, its you sweetheart!